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Whatever the need, we can cover it!

What we do: Services

Real Estate

- Houses, undeveloped land, complexes, and developments
- Interior and exterior photography
- MLS quality and format deliverables
- Full size high resolution format available edited or raw for your own editing purposes
- Fully edited 4K video with graphics, titles, and details
- Social Media Ads

Events / Venue / Individual requests

- 20MP High Resolution Photos 

-4k video clips or edited short film with graphics and titles as requested

- Images can be used for large scale prints or wall art 

- Social Media sharing

 Safety is always paramount in aircraft usage, flying over large crowds or in a potentially hazardous area requires special preparation and time to coordinate, details must be discussed with the pilot before date of the event.

Inspection, Construction, or Development

- High Resolution Photos

- Social media ads

- Website media

- 4k video clips 

- Elevation Mapping

- Photogrammetry (3D images of structures or areas)

- Time lapse 

- Periodic site visits, for long term projects or periodic inspections we will visit as many times and as frequently as requested for updates and progress reports 

Tell us about your project and let us put together a detailed and affordable solution 

Editing Packages 

Let us edit and help create your vision

Once photos and videos are captured even with the great quality and richest colors cameras have to offer today, along with cinematic/smooth flight maneuvers, often they require some finishing touches, or arrangements with post-production work to suit the needs of any genre or product you desire.

Photo Editing

Let us capture and personalize photos to your desired style

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Video Editing

Let us take the raw footage or gloomy shooting days and bring them to life with our professional video editing software!

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What we do: Resources and Tips
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