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How the process works

1  Contact us!

Once you email or call and decribe your needs we will reach back out to you with any questions we may have and confirm a time, place, and price that meets your needs.

2   We arrive and capture

Once the day has come we arrive early and set up for the project, assess the area and the conditions to assure a successful, safe flight is at hand. Once the aircraft is in the air we ask that you leave the pilot to the mission at hand. Once they have landed and shut down the aircraft, feel free to speak about anything that seems to have been missed or needs to be added.

3  Post production

Once drones and cameras have been put away, we transfer the work to the computer, the footage is processed, edited, and delivered shortly after. Times vary based on how much work is needed to make sure the product exceeds expectations. 
No payment is required until shooting is completed and delivery of a finished product is assured.

4 Delivery and Review

 Once delivery is completed, you can review and confirm the delivered product works as expected and you are completely satisfied.

  Then please leave a nice review on Google, Yelp, or Thumbtack for us and help spread the word about Doug's Drones!

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