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How the process works

1  Contact us!

Once you email or call and decribe your needs we will reach back out to you with any questions we may have and confirm a time, place, and price that meets your needs.

2   We arrive

Once the day has come we arrive early and set up for the project, assess the area and the conditions to assure a successful, safe flight is at hand. Once the aircraft is in the air we ask that you leave the pilot to his mission and once they have landed and shut down if anything seems to have been missed or needs to be added, now is the last chance to ask!

3  Post production

After the day has been captured we bring the footage back to be processed, edited, and delivered. 
Payment is not required until shooting is completed and delivery is assured.

We aim high

With so many variables working around weather or out in the public, each flight carries unique challenges. We will be in contact with you throughout the process and will inform you if there are any unclear objectives or obstacles that arise at any point.

The Process: List
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