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Q: How long from does it take for me to have my photos delivered?

 From the time you contact us, we first establish when you need the photos taken. Then we can travel to your site, take all of the desired photos and video, and get them back to post production and into a deliverable form. Photos usually are ready same day if required or next day if more time is allotted. Video can take up to two days to process and edit depending on how much is needed to complete and personalize your finished product. We aim high and would rather work with you and take the time needed than have you walk away with a rushed, unsatisfactory product.

Q:  How much will it cost to receive an exact quote?

 FREE! Just reach out to us with your idea or job ideas. We will make sure you know what we will be providing and how much it will be to complete. All it takes is one message and a couple follow up details and we will have an exact quote and a date and time lined up for you! That's all it takes.

Q:  What happens if it rains or snows on the day I requested?

 In New England we are blessed and cursed with weather rapidly changing and altering our plans. Here we have a very close eye on weather conditions at all times, if we see an issue with the conditions around the time we are scheduled, we provide ample notice to you and we are open to consider all options including time changes, or choosing a day before or after in the rare case that an entire day is "rained out". In just about every case we stick to the scheduled time and find windows to capture everything without missing a beat!

Q: Will the drone bother people in the area?

Usually when a drone is heard or seen in the sky and the public is unaware as to who is operating it or why, it can raise all sorts of questions, and quite often seem intrusive. However, when a drone is operated properly, it starts with making yourself known to them as the pilot. When we operate in a public area, we arrive in a well marked vehicle, wear bright reflective or clearly marked vests signifying we are FAA certified professionals conducting a flight when necessary, and notify everyone we can reach in the area. This is not only for safety reasons but for peace of mind both in the pilot and the public. All it takes is and a couple of short sentences explaining who you are and what you're doing to satisfy onlookers. When properly displayed, they quite often are a spectacle and raise good kinds of questions such as "how high can it go" and "where did you learn to fly". Pilots love answering those types of questions, so next time you see a drone in the air, know that in almost all cases it is for good reason and if you see the pilot, stay clear while they are flying but ask away once they've safely landed! We always bring spare batteries for demonstrations!

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