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Pricing Made Easy

Real Estate

Interior and Exterior photo
0-1000Sqft- $249
1000-2000Sqft- $349
2000+ Sqft - $449
Land or exterior only - $99/hr
360 Degree images - $149 for the first image $49 for each additional on the same property
All real estate video $199/hr, average 1500sqft home requires less than 2 hours for video shooting.
*Discounts and special pricing for no editing or post production work
**Travel may be added once location is provided

Real Estate Cumberland-2.jpg

Commercial or Business 

Exterior photo - $99/hr
Exterior video - $199/hr
Elevation mapping - $199/hr
Photogrammetry (3D images)- $249/hr
360 degree images - $149 for first image $49 for each additional on the same site
Social media ad production- $349
*Travel may be added once location is provided

drone pilot wearing vest.jpg

Event, Venue, or Individual (custom) request

$99/hr photos only

$199/hr video production

*For one pilot/photographer on site

**Travel may be added once location is provided

***Discounts for unedited work not requiring post production

Tell us anything you'd like captured!

We specialize in aerial photography for events and also do ground based handheld photography as well!

 With drones around crowds we must ensure there is a level of safety for those attending and those who are in the area, some authorizations may be required so speak with us regarding the date and location and we will be sure to let you know if any issues may exist before a precise quote is provided. 

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